Digitizing agricultural value chains

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Cashplow responsive design mock up


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Cashplow is a digital ledger for agricultural trade. The clients wanted us to create a website for them that would showcase features of the app in the form of conceptual screens and establish the integration of digital bookkeeping in today’s era of agri-finance. They wanted us to create graphics that would easily communicate the concepts of the application in layman terms for ease of onboarding.


Red Line
We sat down with the clients to understand each aspect of the product that they were building along with the value that they were bringing into the market. We then converted the entire workflows into conceptual screens that help users understand how they can leverage the app to create profits and regularize their cash flow through agriculture.


Red Line
We created a series of graphics for crops and also the digital icons for the platform. The result is the creation of a website with infographics that emphasizes the immersion of physical accounts for agricultural trade with digital safes.
Cashplow collage

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