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Coverstack, a platform empowering insurers and financial organizations to easily create their online insurance platforms, sought our expertise to refresh their brand identity. Our role was to redesign their logo, redefine brand guidelines, and update their business collateral.
20 days
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Brand Guidelines
Brand Book
Business Stationary
What we did
The original Coverstack logo, a primary wordmark, needed more appeal to their target audience and raised concerns about potential future controversies. The stakeholders envisioned a combination-mark logo featuring a logomark and a wordmark that could be used together or separately, depending on the context.
coverstack logo with guidelines
We started off with gathering information from the stakeholders in order to get an understanding of what they want, followed by listing down key pointers and including various possible elements to reflect the same. The initial sketches in the ideation phase led us to various options based on different concepts which were then discussed and edited based on feedback.
illustrations and icons
Our process began with in-depth discussions with stakeholders to understand their vision. We then brainstormed various elements and ideas through initial sketches and refined them through feedback and discussions. The new logo intertwines themes of coding (symbolizing technology), collaboration, and the letter 'S' from the company name. We chose blue for its connotations of trust and confidence, which are crucial for a fintech brand. The logo's soft edges convey a welcoming feel, aligning with Coverstack's user-friendly integration tools. While the logo typography is gentle, complementing the logomark, the brand communication font is bolder, ensuring a solid message delivery.
brochure mockup
This rebranding introduced a fresh, engaging look. Moving away from the bold red, the new shades of blue resonate with trust and security – essential for a fintech company. The reimagined branding effectively communicates Coverstack's values, balancing boldness and approachability.
stationary mockup with letterheads, mockup screen, business cards
website mock up with a black website and a mobile mock up of a website design with a white black background

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Mock up of a web based interface in a laptop mock up with a green background

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