Reimagining professional networking for women is a dynamic, private network designed for women leaders aiming to boost their professional growth. We were asked to transform the UX of the mobile application from its initial version to make it more intuitive and engaging.
6 weeks
Responsive Mobile Designs
What we did
UX Revamp
UI Redesign
mobile mockups of the UX revamp of the app
The challenge was clear: how do we craft a user-friendly mobile app that connects women leaders and fosters their growth? We quickly gathered existing member feedback, iterated the UX for the mobile application, and's team developed it internally. With a solid user base, the focus was on enhancing the interface, incorporating gamification, and keeping conversations within the app.
Our approach began with understanding the main issues through member conversations and informal interviews. We identified critical areas for improvement: usability frustrations and high off-platform migration. Our goal was to update the app to boost engagement and retention. We redesigned the flow of the UX and created a coherent style guide that reflected the brand.
ux mobile app mockups
Following the launch of the revamped version, a 'product roast' was held with product designers, managers, and UX specialists from's community. The session provided valuable insights into the UI, technical aspects, and product features, setting the stage for further improvements in the following version.
Mock up of a web based interface in a laptop mock up with a green background

Enterprise software for healthcare asset management

Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia
UX Strategy
UI Design
Collage of slide decks for pitchdeck design for fundraising

Fundraising for A-star Indian ventures

Multiple organisations
Pitch Decks
Marketing Collateral
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