Digitizing agricultural value chains
Cashplow set out to revolutionize agricultural trade finance with its digital ledger, tackling the multi-billion dollar financing gap in the sector. What if design supported the team by creating a website that visualized their process and approach by communicating effectively with diverse stakeholders: financial institutions, finance professionals, agricultural distributors, and farmers.
1 month
Adobe Photoshop
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Live Website
What we did
Art Direction
Website Design & Development
web mock up of the cashplow website
The website needed to cater to each user group's unique needs while remaining user-friendly. We designed it to highlight the app's features through conceptual screens, demonstrating the integration of digital bookkeeping in modern agri-finance. Our graphics, created to convey complex concepts in simple terms, facilitated easy understanding and onboarding.
We organized the information into distinct pages tailored to different use cases, with graphics that vividly illustrated each section. The result was an easily navigable website, accessible even to farmers who might be less tech-savvy. The conceptual graphics showcasing the envisioned application were particularly well-received, effectively tying the entire website together.
collage image of different crops
Green leaves in the background with  grinity logo in white in front

Creating healthy indoors of the future

Website Design
Collage of slide decks for pitchdeck design for fundraising

Fundraising for Indian A-star ventures

Multiple organisations
Pitch Decks
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