Creating India's most trusted Crypto derivatives exchange
Density is a pioneering platform offering Perpetual Futures on 26 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, with up to 25x leverage. Our challenge was designing an intuitive and efficient landing page and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Density, marking its debut as India's first crypto futures trading platform.
10 weeks
Website Landing Page
Responsive Screen Designs
What we did
UX Strategy
UI Design
As Density targeted the burgeoning Indian crypto futures market, our primary task was to distill the essential features and functionalities crucial for an MVP without compromising user experience. This task was compounded by the need to adapt to a market with primarily foreign-developed competitors.
web based ui mockup
web ui components for trading platform
After an in-depth analysis of existing platforms to identify critical features for Density's MVP, our focus shifted to optimizing user flow, which is crucial for spotting potential errors or shortcomings that could hinder the user experience. Through this iterative process, we developed low-fidelity wireframes tested iteratively with traders. Their feedback highlighted user patterns to refine the designs.

The final MVP designs we crafted streamlined the user registration and trading processes, balancing mandatory legal compliance steps with a lean, user-friendly approach. The intuitive design enabled seasoned and new traders to easily navigate, understand, and utilize the platform's features while facilitating seamless initial product exploration and providing crucial insights for future enhancements.
web based ui components of trading platform
Our collaboration with Density resulted in a robust, user-centric platform that is a testament to innovative design meeting cutting-edge technology in the crypto trading sphere. This project not only established Density as a formidable player in the Indian market but also set a new standard in user experience for crypto trading platforms.
Mock up of a web based interface in a laptop mock up with a green background

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