Seamless experiences for pet care
EzPet is a one-stop pet care app that simplifies everything from pet adoption to scheduling vet appointments and shopping for pet supplies. We were asked to create a user-friendly design that seamlessly integrates all these features.
10 weeks
Responsive Screen Designs
What we did
UX Strategy
UI Design
mobile app ux design mockup
Key features of the mobile application included pet adoption, a shopping section for pet products, Vet appointment bookings, and a health database for your pet. After the client conducted fundamental competitive analysis and user research, they approached us to bring these ideas to life through intuitive screens and interfaces. We aimed to create a cohesive experience, making EzPet a comprehensive solution for pet parents.
mobile wireframes and user flow
We meticulously planned various user flows, considering different scenarios. Since users might come for one feature but stay for others, we designed the flows to be as comprehensive as possible. After thorough testing, we developed wireframes for each scenario, refining them based on feedback to produce the final screens.
styleguide for ux design
Upon signing up, users are categorized to tailor the app experience to their needs. Pet seekers can browse adoptable pets, shop for supplies, and book grooming services or vet appointments. Shelter owners can manage pet listings, handle virtual adoption inquiries, and manage inventory. Conversely, vets can organize their schedules, view patient histories, and analyze business metrics. EzPet, therefore, becomes a versatile tool catering to the diverse needs of the pet care community.
collage of dark background mobile screens of a petcare application
Mock up of a web based interface in a laptop mock up with a green background

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UX Strategy
UI Design
Dark background with mobile mockups of leap club mobile application

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