Delivering best-in-class services for your cars
Fixcraft, a prominent network of car service centers in major Indian cities, provides premium vehicle maintenance services with a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Our task was to overhaul the UI/UX of their website and mobile application completely. Additionally, we were tasked with designing the mobile application for vMotive, a newly acquired spare parts business by Fixcraft.
4 months
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Responsive Screen Designs
What we did
Website and App Revamp
vMotive Mobile App
UX Strategy
UI Design
The Problem
The challenge was the existing website and mobile app's unclear user flows, which detracted from the user experience. We aimed to streamline and enhance this experience, incorporating new colors and graphics. We aimed to refine both the pre-booking and post-booking processes based on user feedback and company data.
We analyzed current flows, addressed pain points, and used feedback and data to prioritize changes aligned with Fixcraft's business objectives. We developed new wireframes and structures, testing them with users to gather feedback. The final designs featured fresh colors, unique iconography, and engaging animations to improve usability.
The outcome was a modern and visually appealing website and app with a significantly lower bounce rate than previous versions. In parallel, we crafted an intuitive design for vMotive's app, an ordering platform for wholesale spare parts. These interventions elevated the digital experience of interacting with garage-like services, making it more engaging.
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Mock up of a web based interface in a laptop mock up with a green background

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UI Design
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