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Mello is a ticketing platform that curates unforgettable events and experiences in Bengaluru. The team at Mello is fueled and thrives on bringing talented creators into the spotlight. They approached us to create visuals for their events that catch the eyes of the younger crowd in Bengaluru, who have been excited to get back to in-person experiences after dealing with the loneliness of the pandemic.
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Imagine where artists, creators, and audiences unite to craft moments that stay with you forever - that's what Mello set out to do. As a new entrant in the Indian market, they had to stand out with their offering and how they communicated visually. They also wanted their native mobile app for creators and users to connect with more people and encourage them to join the community they were building.
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Our journey to create this platform involved looking at similar services worldwide while understanding the experience of current community members and how they resonated with Mello's brand. This research helped us figure out exactly what the application needed to offer. We designed them with the energetic crowd of Bengaluru in mind, using the same youthful energy in our marketing graphics. We crafted a unique series of themes for each event that resonated with that event's vibe and specific audience.
social media collage
This approach paid off beautifully - with the marketing graphics we created, Mello hosted the biggest-ever Bangalore Yoga Festival in 2022. Event after event, our designs drew in crowds, creating fully packed experiences. The app made it a breeze for people to find and enjoy events that match their interests, offering a perfect escape from the busy work life.
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Creating healthy indoors of the future

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Enterprise software for healthcare asset management

Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia
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