Medical e-books for patients
Pristyn Care, a healthcare unicorn, is dedicated to making the surgical journey seamless for patients and their attendants, from finding the right doctor to post-surgery follow-up. We partnered with them to create easy-to-understand patient guide e-books for their various surgeries and treatments.
5 months
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Patient Guidebooks
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Booklet Design
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pristyncare brochure mock up with a doctor holding it up
Recognizing the gap in public knowledge about medical procedures, Pristyn Care wanted to educate their patients in a simple, accessible way. Our task was to design e-booklets that would demystify medical procedures for the average person.
collage of medical illustrations
We established a content flow and design language, creating a foundation for each e-book. The design of each booklet was tailored to the intended audience, with clear graphics that explained each step of the procedure. Medical experts and doctors reviewed these booklets to ensure the accuracy of the information.
medical brochure mockups
In total, we designed 27 e-booklets on various topics, all easy to understand for anyone, regardless of their medical knowledge. These booklets prepare patients for their procedures and follow a consistent design guideline, featuring specific graphics to enhance comprehension.
photo of Sakshi the associate general manager
Dr Sakshi Sharma
Assistant General Manager (AGM)
“Exceptional creativity and attention to detail! What if Design transformed our vision into stunning reality. Professional team, timely delivery, and outstanding results. Highly recommend for top-notch design solutions!”
collage of brochure mockups for multiple surgeries
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