Digitizing healthcare logistics
Tabeazy is a unique B2B marketplace, bridging the gap between medical suppliers and licensed buyers. It's a pioneering platform, welcoming only certified participants, and we've had the exciting opportunity to collaborate on its development. We were asked by the co-founders to craft a minimalistic and welcoming design, easing the transition for users from traditionally scattered and offline access to an online marketplace.
2 months
Responsive Screen Designs
What we did
UX Strategy
UI Design
The Problem
We took on the challenge of creating an online wholesale platform for medicines and medical goods that caters to various buyers and sellers across India. One of the key priorities for the project was to design a user-friendly interface for individuals over the age of 40. The aim was to blend modern aesthetics with straightforward navigation, accommodating those less familiar with technology.
Our design process began with a thorough understanding of the needs of both buyers and sellers to ensure a seamless and convenient experience for anyone visiting the platform.Recognizing that buyers and sellers would have different app functionalities, we tailored the experience, guiding each user on their most relevant user journey.
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Sri Harsha
“Great understanding towards business needs. Team What if Design is very professional and responsive at each step. Extremely happy to work with them and will definitely recommend.”
This process resulted in a clean, visually appealing design that encouraged users to spend time on the platform, effortlessly placing orders and exploring new market offerings. We translated a mobile-friendly design that mirrors the desktop version's features and actions to ensure easy navigation without compromising the user interface's quality. This thoughtful design approach makes Tabeazy an accessible and efficient platform for all its users.
web interface design collage for marketplace
Mock up of a web based interface in a laptop mock up with a green background

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UX Strategy
UI Design
Dark background with mobile mockups of leap club mobile application

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UX Strategy
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