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vaccinations across India
TATA 1mg, India's premier online pharmacy and healthcare platform, has been at the forefront of using technology to extend healthcare services across India. In a crucial initiative, we partnered in a major campaign to raise awareness about COVID-19 vaccinations. This campaign spanned digital and physical media, targeting diverse groups nationwide.
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Despite government mandates, COVID-19 presented an unprecedented situation for vaccinations and medical awareness. Regardless of geography, education level, economic status, and occupation, people had to be educated and persuaded to get vaccinated for the collective safety of society. Our primary objective was to design marketing materials that felt approachable, friendly, and resonated with different demographic groups, supporting the success of the ground-level vaccination efforts.
collage of crimson and cream social media posts and infographics
We thoroughly studied the various target groups and the planned marketing strategies tailored for one of India's most extensive private COVID-19 vaccination drives. This analysis informed the creation of varied marketing collaterals, each uniquely designed to appeal to its intended audience. We collaborated closely with the on-site teams, ensuring our practical efforts aligned with TATA 1mg's brand identity and overarching themes. The cohesive and strategic approach shaped the vaccination campaign's success in navigating the challenges for innovation during the pandemic with sensitivity.

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