Premium visuals for a cycles brand
OMO Bikes, founded by enthusiastic cyclists and IIT graduates, aims to craft world-class bicycles and e-bikes in India. They reached out to us to develop a brand identity that resonates with adventurous and carefree cyclists who look for premium quality and control that is missing in the current market.
1 month
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Marketing Collaterals
Social Media Designs
What we did
Visual Design
product render of a cycle with water drizzled on iit
The Problem
Despite producing top-tier bicycles, OMO Bikes faced challenges in a market dominated by established brands. Our goal was to create visual graphics that would showcase the high quality of their products and appeal to their niche target audience.
black mtb bike with a spotlight
We designed various graphics for their social media, website banners, and promotional materials. Our focus was to convey a sense of trust and premium quality, highlighting their range of affordable products.
graphic image -product- cycle render
The graphics that we created perfectly aligned with their needs, effectively showcasing the product features and captivating their target market. We went beyond creating static images and crafted engaging carousels and animations, adding an element of fun and interaction for OMO's viewers.
Green leaves in the background with  grinity logo in white in front

Creating healthy indoors of the future

Website Design
Dark background with mobile mockups of leap club mobile application

Reimagining professional networking for women
UX Strategy
UI Design
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